“[Leeds] may not be my city. But it’s my kind of city” – Vicas Swarup. Leeds is Daisy-chain’s city, or it was. So here’s a few of our favourite things sprinted with a little adventure to say “Aloha” to the city we love.

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San Fransisco is a city I’ve long yearned to visit; to witness the graphic beauty of it’s skyline, it’s quirky history, it’s thriving effervescent culture, it’s relaxed attitude, it’s pacific coffee tastes, and of course it’s love affair with food. Which brings us to sourdough.

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It is a gift to be yourself, a freedom to just be you. And while we should above all else “to thine self be true”, do we all really have that option?

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So where to begin? How about where I am now, a reflect of sorts on where my adventures so far have brought me; home. Being home is returning me to myself, and has shown me “Fort the whole world, without a home, Is nothing but a prison of larger rooms”.

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Disaster Dreaming is name thus because it contains the technicolour tales of my life; it’s an invitation for you to join me for my disasters and the little adventures they lead me on.

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Introduction time… but first can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Flat White? OK, well, here goes…

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