Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Flat White? As you’ve guessed I’m a tad nervous, introductions really aren’t my thing, so here goes…

I’m Ella. From a little place in England that no one ever knows. I’m messy, and a day dreamer, and sarcastic to a fault. I’m studying archaeology, but I like to think I’m a student of the world. And well that’s me. I’m not famous, and I’ve never done anything of note, and no-one has ever heard of me…. Well except you!

A soy flat white, a latte & a natter at Grindsmith, Manchester

As for this blog, she’s my baby… my first online adventure, my way of showing you how I see the world. And, I’m hoping, she’ll be regularly updated with the technicolored tales of my disasters and day dreams. Maybe she’ll even change the way you see you’re disasters? Anyways, I’m hoping we’ll soon be great friends… I can’t wait!

Yours, Disaster Dreaming  x

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