So I guess I ought to explain why I decided to call my blog Disaster Dreaming. Well, I’m one of those people who, regardless  of what I do, all ways seems to ends up in some sort of disaster! I’ve spent years of my life trying to claw my way back from each new disaster… to return to ‘the plan’, and that just leads to the next one. But now I’m starting to realise it’s the little disasters that make up the adventures of my life.

Wandering through the relaxed rural beauty of the Ling Kok Shan trail, Pok Liu, Hong Kong

Stories, and all they entail, have been the love of my life for a long as I can remember, sparking most of my interests and passions. From reading, to photography, travel, food, and fashion; stories are what’s led me there. The promise of long forgotten tales drew me to a study Archaeology, while distant stories of the unknown make me yearn to see the world and all it has to offer. In short, I want to hear all the stories, adding to them, and creating my own along the way. But no story is worth telling without at least an element of adventure, and is anything really an adventure if it goes exactly according to plan?

A flower in the corn, standing out amidst the breezy green and beautiful blue, Lincolnshire

To me an adventure is getting lost in the side streets of your home town, and stumbling across a hidden gem. Ambling around a new city, not knowing where you’re going, in search of the perfect coffee shop to start your day. Going to the station, and getting on the next train, just to see where it might take you. It’s often said that the best days are those you didn’t expect: and well, when you’re a tornado of little disasters tearing your way through life you soon see little is what you expected, and what you did expect inevitably wasn’t what you thought. So, for me every day is unexpected.

Rebecca Louise Law’s magical Handing Summer Meadow, RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London

“It’s a dangerous business… going out of your front door… if you don’t keep your feet there is not telling where you might be swept off to” – J.R.R. Tolkien.

I have realised that it is my disasters, which although they sweep me off my feet, carry me off on the best adventures. It is through this realisation that I’m learning to stop fighting against each little disasters, and just follow the bends in the road instead of trying to stick on the straight and narrow. By setting myself free from all the plans the world had for me, I’m taking each moment, as unexpected as it may be and relishing in it. Learning to see my disasters as what they really are: the teeny tiny adventures of my life.

IMG_3266 1
Mayo’s sea cliffs provide the best views of it’s wild and rugged landscape, Co. Mayo, Ireland

So Disaster Dreaming is named thus because it’s (hopefully) going to be filled with the technicolour tales of my life; and I’m inviting you along for the journey. Here’s hoping you enjoy the disasters life throws at me, and the little adventures that they lead me on!

Until next time, Disaster Dreaming  x

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