Sorry for the delay on this one guys… Thought I’d published it, and well as I went to publish today’s post realised I hadn’t so… Here goes!

San Francisco is a city I’ve long yearned to visit; to witness the graphic beauty of it’s skyline, it’s quirky history, it’s thriving effervescent culture,  it’s relaxed attitude, it’s pacific coffee tastes, and of course it’s love affair with food. A city that falls in love with dishes, chefs, and dining experiences, that’s ready to drop it’s fallen favourites but which fiercely protects and preserves it’s all time heroes.. what’s not to love? And I’m not gonna lie, I’m a carb lover, it all it’s forms, but bread, bread I adore! Which brings us to Sourdough.

Looking down Lombard through the rolling streets, Lombard St, San Francisco 
Sourdough is a key part of San Francisco today, and it’s part in the cities history is said to have contributed to the foodie aspect of the culture today. And for all you food lovers out there I can confirm that San Fran really is foodie destination from Michelin stared restaurant to the Ferry Buildings food markets, or trendy popups of the Mission they’ve got you covered. San Fran even provides ample choice for us awkward vegan, or vegetarians food lovers, and even more amazingly, in the same places our normal meat eater companions will be willing to eat. So if you ever get to visit this beautiful city I hope you’re hungry, because it’s time to get you’re eat on!

At Mission Pies there’s something for everyone, except an easy decision, San Francisco
So getting back to Sourdough, I think it’s time to introduce you to the famous Boudin Bakery… you’ll love it!  Their huge store on Fisherman’s Wharf is where I ended up with the gang, after an early morning run and caffeine fix, enticed by the delicious aromas of baked goods and coffee. Quickly grabbing the only empty table we debated our breakfast options and sent Daddy to wait in line, while I dived into Boudin’s baking heritage.

Fishermans wharf
Fisherman’s Wharf,  the tourist hub of the bay, San Francisco
Boudin’s was established in 1849, as San Fran saw it’s population boom from 1,000 to 20,000 residents most searching a new life and some gold to call their own. Bringing their traditional french Sourdough recipe with them it’s not hard to believe they we’re soon a big hit with the populous, and stays true to it to this day. It is said that Louise who married into the family in the 1870s saved the original mother dough from the great earthquake and fire.

Mum’s delicious clam chowder and toasted sourdough, Boudin, San Francisco
After 90 years the family have to sell their bakery, but it is bough by ‘Papa  Steve’ a fellow San Franciscan and french trained baker who promises to persevere the family’s traditional process, keeping Sourdough in San Fran. It is thanks to this history that San Fran sourdough has kept it’s distinctly sour taste, and that by 1990 Boudin sourdough was named the cities favourite; Herb Caen noting it along side fresh crab and chilled cali Chardonnay was a quintessential San Franciscan meal.

Looking along the golden gates iconic red out into the blue bay, San Francisco
Sadly at 9am we couldn’t crack open a bottle of Chardonnay, so instead I settled for a steaming mug of black coffee, and one of their classic sculpted sourdough rolls. It was hard not to be tempted into their delicious sweet pastries like the rest of my family, but I just couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about! And, yes… it’s totally worth the fuss! It’s tempting to go back just for their speciality jalapeño and cheddar sourdough rolls, and I think Mama would happily tuck into their clam chowder and sourdough bowl every single day. It’s safe to say we were fans… We made several visits. Any just incase you’re thinking you’d rather hit up one of their other bakeries and avoid the madness of Fisherman’s Wharf (which I’d totally recommend when in a rush), their demonstration bakery makes it all worth while, no matter how crazy!

Post run early am caffeine fix in the form a soy flat white, Sightglass, San Francisco
So I guess all that’s left to say about your first taste of my San Francisco is this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I hope that you enjoyed seeing (a very small portion) of this beautiful city through my eyes… because there’s more to come but for now I though I’d leave you with this:

“Money lives in New York. Power sits in Washington. Freedom sips Cappuccinos in a side walk cafe in San Francisco”                    – Joe Flower

In the affogato bar, for the view…? more likely to indulge! Sightglass, San Francisco 
Oh, and one last cheeky whiff… My post run coffee stop. Just incase you need a place to sip you’re Cappuccino head to Sightglass at 3014 20th St, or check out their affogato bar at 270 7th St. And hey if it’s your lucky day (Tuesday) they’ll meet you at the Ferry Plaza with some of their single origin home roast for a stunning pour over. Whichever way you try it, delight, I sure did!

Until next time, Disaster Dreaming  x

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